Medical Procedure Tracking Board Software

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Used in Hospitals to display today's scheduled procedures on a big screen monitor/tv. Give your staff their own login and they schedule/edit cases that show on the board. There are two types of application modes. Kiosk mode is for a big screen monitor, and desktop mode is for creating new/editing records.


DIrect Admit Creator

Above is a screen shot of the create a new record window that allows you to add new procedures. You can create different users and install on an unlimited number of networked pc's for your staff to create and edit the scheduled cases.


Direct Admit Popup

Above is screen shot of the procedure board. At midnight when the date changes the board automatically switches the scheduled case to the new day. The is no user intervention and the pc running the board can always stay on, and add a startup shortcut to the application to automatically start when reboot is required.




Medical Procedure Board Edit Window

Above is screen shot of the edit window. Among the available options are the colored buttons at the bottom, which allow you to make each row a certain color alerting the staff to the status of each patient. This record has been colored blue since there is another patient with the same name on the schedule today which helps prevents errors.

All changes are logged with Windows user name, pc name, application log in name, date, and time for accountability.